5 Best Things to Do in Jakarta

Taman Mini Indonesia Park
This unique theme park is a great way to spend a day in Jakarta, where you and family can learn about the cultural diversity of the Indonesian archipelago. Multiple pavilions represent the unique architecture, traditional costumes and performing arts of the different islands. Its centrepiece manmade lake depicts the archipelago in miniature scale, which you can view from above on a cable car ride. Also onsite are museums, a flower garden, a bird park, a water park, library, theatre shows and an IMAX cinema.
Indonesia National Gallery
Art lovers will love spending some time at The National Gallery, a museum and art centre in Central Jakarta that is full of well over a thousand pieces by national and foreign artists. Permanent exhibits include sculptures and paintings by famous Indonesian artists, names like Raden Saleh and Bali’s Nyoman Lempad, while temporary exhibits are regularly held in its three expansive art halls. Also onsite are a library and a special lab for restoration of significant artworks.

Jakarta Chinatown (Glodok)
Jakarta’s Chinatown is both an historical and culturally significant site, often referred to as Glodok. Chinatown is located adjacent Kota Tua, Jakarta’s old town, sharing the nostalgic ambiance of the whole area, with far eastern architecture dominating the streetscapes. You can find numerous 17th century-old temples forming part of the townscape, among the dominant rows of family-run shops and restaurants.

Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua)
Jakarta Old Town is often referred to as Kota Tua Jakarta or Old Batavia, which is rich in history as the former downtown area of the capital and headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. Throughout town you can admire buildings with architectural features of a bygone era, and most of Jakarta’s museums can be found here. Restoration efforts of deteriorating structures are underway, pushing the old town to be included in UNESCO’s world heritage list.
Sunda Kelapa and Maritime Museum
A unique historical attraction in North Jakarta, the Sunda Kelapa old sea port offers an open-air experience with majestic traditional schooner ships called pinisi parked in a row. Within walking distance is Indonesia’s main Maritime Museum, referred to locally as Museum Bahari, a great spot to learn about Indonesia’s maritime history and the tumultuous past of the world’s largest archipelago. Inside are exhibits of seafaring vessels from every island in Indonesia, together with naval maps and oceanographic information.




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